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The French touch of design.

" Discover striking designs that transforms every space into a unique masterpiece."

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Définition of needs 

We conduct in-depth interviews to get to know our clients, learn more about their projects, and understand their expectations.

precise budget planning

Our pricing system stands out for its complete transparency. We break down every aspect and apply a flat rate, allowing for full visibility into each expenditure.

Impeccable Execution

From meticulous planning (furniture purchases, custom design, delivery tracking) to the final implementation, each project progresses with confidence and ensures exceptional results.

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At the service of style

our design

Our approach to residential design is always characterized by its open and friendly nature, understanding that the home represents the most intimate space of our personality.

We take pride in building authentic connections with our clients through in-depth conversations, allowing us to develop fully personalized concepts. These exchanges go beyond simply defining their needs; they also enable us to grasp their lifestyle, preferences, and aspirations.

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  • Offers unique design and decoration

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  • Fits your budget

  • Provides regular follow-up

  • Establishes systems - for each project - control & balance

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