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MAISON UNIFAMILIALE MONTRÉALDesign and decoration inspiration

Create a modern and exotic friendly home.


Keep the basic configuration and change a few facades, materials and colors to enhance the spaces while maintaining a warm atmosphere.



The configuration of the living room has been redesigned to add ergonomics to the space. The living room was moved next to the bay windows of the garden in order to take advantage of the natural light and the view of the outside.

The dining room was fitted out opposite the kitchen and the back wall painted anthracite gray giving depth, a sophisticated touch and echoing the kitchen cupboards.

The contrast between the dining room in dark tones and the living room in light tones allows you to create two distinct spaces without adding partitions.

Salon avant home staging
Salon après


The bohemian chic inspired living room allows you to mix patterns and brings back travel memories.

​The colors (brown, beige, cream, green, ochre) and natural materials (bamboo, terracotta, linen, woven wool, wood, leather) of the furniture and carpet give a more airy impression of the space.

​The wall of frames creates ceiling height and brings a personal touch to the space.

Salle à manger avant home staging
Salle à manger après décoration d'intérieur


The goal was to refresh the kitchen without carrying out a complete and expensive renovation.

Some cupboards were removed from the wall above the sink in order to ventilate it.

A copper backsplash was added to give a rustic chic feel.

The lower cabinets and center island were painted charcoal gray for a modern appearance.

Cuisine après décoration d'intérieur
Cuisine avant
Cuisine après décoration d'intérieur
cuisine après décoration d'intérieur


A large wall bookcase (personal design) was added opposite the living room giving warmth to the room while allowing easy access to the garden.

The wall bookcase was designed to provide an office space that can accommodate a computer. The sliding wooden panel allows you to hide this corner if necessary.

Walnut is reminiscent of mid-century furniture creating a vintage and elegant look.​

Shelves of varying sizes give an original look and offer the possibility of storing comics, classic books and adding decoration.

Bibliothèque sur-mesure
Croquis bibliothèque projet décoration d'intérieur
Réalisation bibliothèque décoration d'intérieur


A white paneled wall with a low wall was added at the back of the bedroom to create a headboard and give a bright, seaside-style atmosphere.

The size chosen for the slats, wide, brings modernity. These were installed vertically to accentuate the ceiling height.

Chambre principale avant
Décoration chambre principale home staging


The double bedroom was separated by a glass roof designed by Arrebeuri Atelier.

The glass roof made it possible to create two isolated rooms while maintaining an open concept allowing light to circulate and providing a depth of view on both sides.​

On one side a child's bedroom and below an office space.

Chambre double avant
Capture d’écran


The bathroom was enlarged in order to move the toilet back and open the bathtub to the entire room. The ergonomics of the space are more airy and suitable for use by children.​

The terrazzo floor brings a mix of organic design thanks to green, brown and terracotta tones, a vintage touch and a colorful atmosphere. Both playful with its random pattern and noble with its story, this choice is suitable for both children and guests.

Salle de bain avant
Capture d’écran
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